Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artist In Residence at Nafasi Art Space

Anna Samsoee is studying at The Funen Art-
Academy, Denmark. And in the next 2 months participating as artist in recidence at The Nafasi Art Project.

Samsoee work in various media - video, sculpture, painting and photography.
Samsoee's work seek to question culturally established notions of race, gender or moral values.

"I see a minefield of prejudice and pre-concieved ideas between the European/Scandinavian and the African/Tanzanian cultures.
I am looking forward to see what we can learn from each other here at Nafasi."
Through her stay she will both work in collaborations with the Tanzanian artists at Nafasi and make own projects.
The actions will be posted on blog:


  1. The Art change with time let us change too!!

  2. I am very excited about the project...am looking forwaard to learn a lot from you Anna.Welcome to Tanzania and feel at home :D!

  3. i was there few weeks ago is a nice environment, am looking forward to the out come. goodluck.